Ron Paul

“This past presidential season I saw a renewed enthusiasm from our country’s youth. An excitement for liberty gripped the college campuses unlike I have ever seen before…”

Rand Paul

“Young Americans for Liberty is the most important youth organization in the country. They are our best chance at winning the hearts and minds of the next generation.”

Congressman Thomas Massie

“Young Americans for Liberty is the premiere youth organization when it comes to the fight for our liberties. With hundreds of chapters across the United States, they educate hundreds of thousands of students on the principles of freedom. They are our best hope at creating a generation that respects the Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano

“The young people at Young Americans for liberty understand better than any other group in the United States of America what the founding freedoms have meant and what they should mean today, and they are prepared to put into action their understanding and their beliefs.”

Glenn “Kane” Jacobs

“Thanks to YAL, the spirit of Liberty is alive and well among our young people. I am incredibly excited about the future, and cannot wait to see all the great things that this generation of Liberty-minded leaders will accomplish!”

Julie Borowski

“Young Americans for Liberty is one of the best organizations in the liberty movement. They have taught me how to become a more effective activist for liberty.”

Jeff Deist

“Young Americans for Liberty, born out of Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns, does vitally important work. YAL is on the front lines at universities across America, fighting against collectivist indoctrination and PC intimidation. It’s the most uncompromising and principled student organization in the country.”

Larry Reed

“Among the ranks of Young Americans for Liberty today are men and women who will make history tomorrow. They will be in the vanguard to restore a free and civil society that is united by personal character and a government limited to protecting peace and freedom.”

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