YAL Backs Idaho SB 1038, Looks Forward to School Choice Win

With school choice gaining traction in the Idaho State Senate, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is urging Senate President Pro Tempore Chuck Winder to fast-track school choice for all Idaho children.

Since the start of 2023, YAL has been instrumental in promoting school choice across America. In Idaho, YAL activists have knocked more than 6,000 doors and made over 7,000 phone calls in support of state Senator Tammy Nichols’ Senate Bill 1038. Members of YAL’s Hazlitt Coalition—the organization’s growing network of more than 320 legislators from over 40 states—have led the Idaho Legislature to pursue the educational reform that they demand Governor Brad Little sign into law.

YAL’s official press release about school choice (from January) is linked here. Below is a statement from state Sen. Nichols:

“Idaho is one step closer to providing more educational options for students after the passage of Senate Bill 1038 out of committee with a ‘do pass’ recommendation. For decades, we have been operating public schools in the same way, with little to no innovation. It’s time to break that cycle in public education, funding students and not systems.”

And here is a statement from YAL Chief Strategy Officer Brendan Steinhauser:

“Every child in Idaho deserves access to quality education, and school choice provides the freedom for families to choose the best educational path for their children. When families have the ability to choose the right school for their child, students are more likely to achieve academic success, earn higher grades, and pursue a fulfilling future.”

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