YAL Mobilizes for Universal School Choice in Texas

Austin-based Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation’s most active youth liberty organization—is mobilizing heavily on behalf of universal school choice in Texas. Putting pressure on state lawmakers, YAL is urging legislators to pass a school choice bill benefitting all Texas families.

With the help of the Hazlitt Coalition—YAL’s growing network of more than 320 pro-liberty lawmakers from over 40 states—and hundreds of student activists on the ground, the organization has made school choice its top priority in 2023. YAL volunteers have already knocked on more than 2,000 doors, made over 13,000 phone calls, and sent more than 200,000 text messages in support of educational reform.

This effort is part of YAL’s national campaign for school choice, with thousands of student activists currently making the case for educational freedom in their respective states. Below is a statement from YAL Chief Strategy Officer Brendan Steinhauser, a longtime advocate for school choice in Texas:

“YAL’s grassroots volunteers have been working hard to generate phone calls and emails from constituents to state lawmakers in Austin. They are starting to ramp up activity in support of universal school choice, which would include all areas of the state, all demographics, and every single student in Texas. YAL is adamant that lawmakers pass universal school choice, and we will continue working to make it a reality in Texas.”



Brendan Steinhauser is the Chief Strategy Officer at Young Americans for Liberty. He has worked for years in the school choice movement.


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